Welcome to Mrs. Meadows' Class!

Monday marks the beginning of an exciting new school year. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you Friday afternoon and I look forward to speaking with the rest of you in the days to come. Please visit the Documents to Download page of my website if you need beginning of year paper work. I will also be sending this home with your child if you were not here on Friday to pick it up.

Kids should wear shoes appropriate for walking outdoors on the first day of school, as we will be taking a nature walk. Also, please make sure your child is aware of how they will be going home. Will they be taking the bus? If so, which one? Will you or a family member be picking them up? 

We are starting the year with Native American studies and will be focusing on the traditions of the Chinook tribe, traders of the Columbia. Our class clan animal is the Crane. We will adopt this badge and the qualities that come with it to help us create a strong classroom community. The crane is known for being a good problem solver who leads a balanced life. 

Welcome Meadows' Cranes!!