Book Talks

This winter break, students were asked to read a book, cover to cover. This month, I have been enjoying having discussions with the kids about their books. During the month of February, they will be giving BOOK TALKS to the class. The following links will provide them with what they need to study and prepare for their talk. Kids will come home with a graphic organizer to record their observations. You can also download this graphic organizer on the Documents to Download page. 

Video #1: How to Give a Book Talk

Task: Watch the video to get basic ideas on how to give a book talk. Also, a good audio example of a book talk. Record observations.

Videos #2-5: Good Example Book Talks

Task: Watch all the videos and choose 3 to analyze. What would you like to try in your own book talk?


Video #6: Student Example Book Talks

Task: Watch all the book talks and choose 6 to analyze. What did each student do well? What do they need to work on? Each student in this video did something unique and admirable, and each student also has things to work on. You can learn from their ideas and their mistakes. Record your observations.

​Have fun with this assignment! Remember, you will be much more confident giving your book talk if you have a plan and if you practice.